Nick Najjar Biography

Nick Najjar immigrated to the United States in 1983 to be able to live the coveted American Dream and begin a new chapter in his life. Since then, Nick has owned multiple small businesses in the nearby district area and eventually became a Real Estate Agent. Since becoming a Realtor in 1995 he has helped hundreds of families obtain homes and businesses in the area. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Nick knows the importance of small businesses and the way they help to drive the economy. Due to his knowledge and experience in Real Estate, Nick was appointed to the City of Troy Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and helped on many Civic Projects.

Nick moved to Sterling Heights in 1998 and has been politically active in the community ever since. He has served on the Sterling Heights Planning Commission; Ethnic Committee & Zoning Committee since the early 2000’s and continues his efforts to support community organizations. He graduated from the Sterling Heights Citizens Police Academy in 2003 and in 2011 he won the Sterling Heights Ethnic Committee Citizen of the Year Award. In 2008, Nick was appointed as an advisor to Governor Jennifer Granholm and served the term through 2011. Currently Nick is serving with the Macomb County Emergency Response Team.

After the 911 Tragedy, the FBI was in need of multilingual citizens and Nick offered his efforts graduating from the FBI Citizens Academy in 2003.

As the War in Iraq escalated, Nick felt apt to serve his part in assisting the US Military by utilizing his knowledge of the Arabic language and culture. Starting in 2008, Nick spent over a year in Iraq working with the soldiers in his capacity as a Media Advisor. He helped to analyze and translate the news for the US Army in an effort to help gather intelligence.

Nick serves the community at St. Joseph Chaldean church in Troy as a board member and as President of the parish cancel for 17 Years. And was board member of building committee who constricted St. George church in Shelby Twp and still a member of the church.

Nick was a board member at Martin Luther King Organization Macomb chapter for many years till his departure to join us army in Iraq.

Nick has continually helped to serve his community over the past few decades and always strives to utilize his wealth of knowledge in Real Estate, Small Business & Politics to best help his community.